Rain-rain, Come and Stay, Wet us till we Want to Play: The Wet Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

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The premarital moments are delight and blessings, just like the springs. 

The fall is gone and the birds are chirping, the butterflies trying to make the flowers jealous of their colors. 

All the love in the air. 

 An association is there between the spring and love. Especially if it rains. There can be no better fun than playing in the rain with your loved one. Tossing waters at each other, and letting the same water wet both.     

Perhaps, this can be the best season to get your pre-wedding shots clicked. The context can be chosen as per your convenience and interest. Just that, even the empty roads can be the perfect context to be shot, as the rains wash them into all replenished and beautiful. You can try a park even, as it mostly vacant only due to the rains.     

Even the candids can be shopping or merely walking idly on the streets. The good photographer would know, how to enliven the clicks. Best way to add color in the spring is to use even colorful umbrellas. This is a must try.   

Again, the dress would be of your choice and comfort. Try to keep it bright colored, as the season would be complimenting it.

Also, the time of the shoot won't be much of a restriction. The clicks can be made through the entire day, till the dusk, even after it.

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