Reaping the effects of Your conscious understanding

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And how will you know whether this whole spiritual process is working or not? Only by results. If with the same people, you can wake up a little more joyful, you are a little more at ease, they do not irritate you anymore as they used to do – that means you are progressing. Everywhere, progress is measured by results – here too.    

See this Story...  

It happened one day – there was a queue at the gates of heaven. Saint Peter was checking everyone’s accounts before admitting them. There was an Italian taxi driver from Vegas in a shiny polka dot shirt and aviator glasses, cigarette dangling. Right behind him was a bishop. He looked at the man in distaste, “Why is he even in this line to heaven, first of all?” But you know, strange are the ways of God. When the taxi driver’s time came, he said, resigned to his fate, “Okay, wherever you send me… What’s the problem.” As a taxi driver, he is used to that –wherever the customer wants to go, he goes; he does not choose his destination. All his accounts were checked. Then Peter welcomed him with a big smile and gave him a nice silken robe. Two very pretty angels came and took him into heaven.    

The bishop was looking at this in amazement. When his turn came, they looked at his books, welcomed him, gave him workman’s overalls and a mopping stick, and said, “You go and clean corridor No. 127.” The bishop was distraught, “What is this? That Italian taxi driver comes from Sin City – I don’t even want to utter the name – where he must have driven all kinds of people – and you gave him silken robes and angels, and he went to heaven. Me, I am a bishop – I’ve been in the service of God. And for me – workman’s overalls, mopping stick and corridor 127 – I know how long it is. Why?” Peter looked at him and said, “Please listen. This is not like church – this is heaven. Here, we go by results. When you gave your sermons, people generally slept. But when that guy drove his taxi, everyone said, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!’”    

Well, it turned out to be a bit humorous, keep smiling along...    

You must also go by results. To know whether your spiritual process is working or not, just see, whatever the outside situation, are you in conflict with yourself or not? If there is conflict within you, you need to work. You have not been physically beaten up. All they do is say things. Whatever they know best, they do. What you know best, you must do. If you know best, you will keep yourself well. If you keep yourself well, you may transform them too, but I would not go that far with you right now. It does not matter if someone is shouting at you or abusing you. If you want, you can write a new dictionary for yourself. You can translate all the abuses into nice, sweet things. In any case, you must know they are doing their best. Unfortunately, their best may be garbage – what to do. You can only have sympathy for such people.    

Filth to fragrance...  

Right now, you have to be there. So many times, not just you – every one of us is trapped in people and situations we definitely do not want to be in. Where we are is never entirely our choice. But what we make out of it is entirely our choice. Exercise it. If you exercise it, the outside will also slowly become a choice. Over a period of time, you will see that naturally, situations will arrange around yourself in a most beautiful way.  My experience of the world is too fantastic. Wherever I go, people are in tears of love and joy. What more do I want? I know that is not the reality for the whole world, but the world arranges itself like that around me. This is because I have taken time to arrange myself in such a way that no matter where I am, I am like this only. Slowly, the world is imitating what I am. You also do this. Do not worry whether the world arranges itself in a certain way or not – it will invariably happen over a period of time. The first thing is you arrange yourself in such a way that you are a beautiful human being. How someone else sees it is their business.


Right now, they want to walk in the gutter – let them walk for some time, till they get tired of it. 

Live in such a way that when they look at you, even the gutter people see at some point that it is worth being the way you are. 

It will not elude them. They are bitter because their experience of life is bitter and unfulfilled, and this bitterness comes out in the form of conflict. Set an example for them that there is a way to live differently. In yoga, one of the most enduring symbols has always been that of a lotus flower, because a lotus flower grows best wherever the slush is thick – the filthier, the better. Such filth transforms into such ethereal beauty and fragrance. This is a spiritual process. Getting allergic to slush is not spiritual process. Becoming a part of the slush is not spiritual process. Transforming the slush into fragrance is the spiritual process.

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