Rings Are The Circles Of Love

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"You might not be the first person in my life, 

 But when I found you, You happen to be the last"   

 A wedding ring(band) is a finger ring that indicates that its wearer is not available(single) anymore. 

The culture is way old, practiced in Ancient Egypt and ancient Greece and Rome.  Rings signify the eternal and perpetual love of the spouse of the wearer. The rings are worn on the ring finger, for, it's believed that a special vein in this finger goes directly to the heart.  

Some couples wear rings, days and nights, but due to hygienic issues, some prefer to wear it as a necklace.    

It varies from culture to culture, which hand possesses the ring, however, its utility is not limited only to tell that its possessor is engaged, but a wedding ring is the most important and substantial gift to the person you love.   

The wedding ring is among some of the assets which can't be seized from you, even in the case of bankruptcy. The law respects its value to the possessor.    

"Rings are the elementary reflection of the true love of a lover for his beloved"    

Tell us about your plans with your loved ones, we'll take care of organizing everything for you.

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