Sarees Are The Definition Of Modishness

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"You look best at the natural grace of you because nature is always beautiful"   

Ladies, ready to rock the party?  Let's go for a window shopping, come along...    

However, it's not easy to walk by all the Indian market in one day, I've tried to collect the most awesome ones around.    

1) Silk: Talking about decency and grace, how can you not consider silk at the very first.   

Assami silk sarees are famous for weaving delicate gold colored Moga silk and have their own style of thread work as well.  

Banarasi silk sarees are famous for their elegance and heavy work and are also known as bridal silk due to its craze in brides.  

Bhagalpuri silk is again one form of silk, one special silk fabric known as tusser silk.  

Chanderi silk sarees are tissue silk sarees which are semi-transparent in appearance.    

2) Bandhani sarees: Made from varied materials, these are named upon their pattern of dye art performed by binding them.  They are light to be worn and trendy to wear.    

3)Bomkai sarees: These handwoven sarees will take away your breath, for, they are so fine and plain to just give you a calm, classy look.    

4)Dhakai sarees: Named on the capital of Bangladesh, these sarees are pure cotton stiff colorful sarees. Again, plain and elegant.    

5)Kota sarees: They are fine cotton sarees which come in a diverse choice, from normal wear to exclusive bridal collections.     

6) Paithani silk Sarees: These are different from other silk sarees for their design or golden thread work in the Mughal age.  Their signature designs are designs involving parrots and motifs.    

7)Tant sarees: These crisp cotton sarees are stiffly starched and contain excellent work.    I'm sure, you want to buy the entire collection itself.  

Afterall that's the thing about beauty, You can't just avoid admiring it.      

Come to us, we'll help you decide everything, from dress to venue. We're eager to be a part of your function and making it delightful. 

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