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"Life gives you lemons, make nimbu pani and serve us as well. Come on, free lemons.".    

Wedding seasons are on and we're packed with lots of shopping. The offline stores are good for physical touch with the designs, so we do window shop.


Today, I'm here to share with you a website where you can get additional cash back and coupons (additional to the offers from the respective websites).    

We window shop, try out the Friday sales at the nearby mall, eat at the efficient family restaurants and we take mid-week movie tickets, all for what? We don't hesitate to haggle even with the vegetable seller, and asking some free chilies as an add-on.    

Just for the sake of saving some pennies, no sir, we are not frugal, it's just like we value money and we believe in spending the money wisely. We have learned that a penny saved is a penny earned, compounded over years can generate a fortune.     

Why do we shop online?  

Most of the online buyers buy online basically to get a good deal, with diverse alternatives, which saves both time and money for the buyers, without compromising the quality.    

Now, is providing a platform with all the websites under one cover, has already arranged all of the savings and promotional deals on one click through its efficient mechanisms working behind the scenes, where we get to choose among the best websites to shop, we get into their window through our login window, we get all the other offers and coupons those websites offer, plus the cash back and the coupons from BGH (BuyersGoHappy) are add-ons.     

How can we miss such chances of savings, without any additional efforts?     

Not just these, the BGH provides several additional incentives like 10 percent of the amount our referral earns for the lifetime and actually counting the cashback into real money. 

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