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" Cheers to the melody of this precious song,

  precious, for, you're here to sing along,  

  cuddling, along with the music we tap our feet,  

  so swift, that I hear your heart beat     "    

 Music has the potency to change the emotions and moods of people. Since ages, music has been a way to express or even impose the mood. 

 Even today, I don't know a person who doesn't love listening to music and uses it escaping the world around.   So, why shouldn't we use the music to set our mood festive, rather real festive!  

Be it your engagement ceremony or your Mehandi, be it haldi, or the wedding itself, any ceremony without music is like rasogulla without sweetness. Can you imagine it? rasogulla without sweetness.  

Well, you won't have to taste that rasogulla, for, we're here to take care of your taste of music and the context in which it's played.

Here at mubaraQho, we organize the best orchestra with most demanded band and music. All you have to do is to come to us, sharing your taste.   

For,"Music can be all that you need after the lavish decorations and the venue".  

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