Shagun Ki Mehndi The Shade Of Love

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"The days are longing as I await you,    

 I hear you're coming to love me,  

 Today I'm as bright, as the light in you,  

 me sitting, all that I wear is your mehndi."    

India is a diverse country with various religions living altogether. With such diversity comes a very diverse culture, with all different beliefs and ways.  

Mehndi in India is an example of such a culture. Nowadays, mehndi is a vogue in the celebrations related to marriage, like karwa chout, and sagaai, and the wedding itself.    

Mehndi, in old beliefs, holds a very important significance for its color as well, for, the red color signifies fertility and love.    

In a marriage, the bride is applied with various designs with the name of the groom hidden in her hands. The groom is expected to find the name.  

The ladies of both the sides(bride and groom) celebrate this ritual. Mostly, it's for the females of the family, but in some places, groom as well is applied mehndi in his hands. It's believed that the darker the color retains, the auspicious is the relationship.  

Well, different places come with all different set of rituals and beliefs with mehndi itself, but overall, mehndi is considered to be the shade of love.  

And you can understand its importance, when I tell you that, there are professional courses for mehndi arts and professionals are benamed as mehndi artists.    

Here at mubaraQho, we get you the best of the mehndi artists to blush your party.  

Contact us, we are eager to hear from you.    

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