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Can you imagine a life without colors? Just black and white maybe. Colors have a very vibrant and spicy significance in every culture and civilization.   

However, in various cultures, the colors have varied beliefs.  

Like, in western culture, white signifies purity, innocence, and faith.   

Let's concentrate on composition properties of white. Mix all the primary lush colors and they end up losing themselves into white. So, white symbolizes unity.  

Psychologically, it creates a sense of calmness, and peace(no emotions in particular).    

The rainbow colors associated and their note:    

1)Red(vibrant): Well red is a vibrant color which signifies strength, love, and fertility on one side and, being the color of blood, it signifies rage and fury on the other.  In Indian culture, it's a very sacred shade to tie the bonds of blood and even soul.    

2)Orange(Sacred): Orange is a color of fire and celebration. The color is very often used to dress the deities.    

3)Yellow(Auspicious): Yellow is a color of Lord Vishnu, signifying prosperity and success. Psychologically, it represents merriness and optimism.    

4)Green(Harvest): Lush green is the representative of nature and a good harvest in humans. Since the harvest brings food and life, green is a color of life, peace, and fertility.     

5)Blue(Serenity): Blue, being the color of pure water, represents  serenity and tranquility. It's associated with Lord Krishna, hence a representative of immortality.    

6)Violet(Spirituality): The color, being calm and vibrant altogether represents our states of mind.   Psychologically, it's a color of connection between spiritual and physical world.    

7)Indigo(Fusion and spirituality): Indigo is the fusion of blue and violet, thence carries a combined meaning from both of the colors.    

India, being a country of fusion of diverse cultures, has more festivals than even the count of months.  Festivals of distinguishing colors and meaning associated with them.  

Here, we believe that colors should not just be a burning vogue and lavish lifestyle. Here we match kundlis which is believed to suggest some colors for a blessed relationship according to the birth charts.  

"Come along with us, celebrating this sensation of festive fusion of your new life".  

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