Step One: Choose A Sample You Like

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Each seller has their own personalized necklaces collection but you may not find a suitable one from the seller you pick up. You can use Google and Pinterest to find the personalized necklaces[custom name necklace online] you like. Then go to the seller you choose and design yours with their sample. As long as you pay more attention to it, you will get a very wonderful necklace.

Step Two: Manage Your Words

Not matter you want to make a name plate necklace or engraved necklace, there is a limitation of the words you can put on the necklace. For the one who has a very long name, you should make sure you can put all the initials of your name on the name plate necklace, otherwise you should think about how to manage the words. Normally, engraved necklace has a bigger space , some even allow you inscribe four lines of words. Most people would just engrave a short message like love you forever”, but if you are willing to spend more time in thinking about the words, you can even write a poem or story on it.

Step Three: Choose The Font

The font not only decides the shape of the words, sometimes it affects the numbers of the words you can put in one line, if the words go beyond the name necklace cheap in the program, you better contact the seller to see if you can still use the font with the words you type.

Step Four: Choose The Color

Not matter you what kind of material you want to use, you can still customize your necklace in silver, gold or rose gold. Most sellers offer at least there three colors. Feel free to change the color.

Step Five: Double Check The Spelling

The most common mistake among personalized name necklace is spelling wrong which will make the necklace have no value to wear. So never forget to check the spelling, make sure it is correct before you make an order.

Step Six: Choose The Material And Pay

Most of the sellers offer two materials, sterling silver and 14 gold. You can choose according to your budget and pay, then you will get your necklace with picture[link] in a few days. If you need it as a gift on a special day, you need pay extra money for a faster delivery, free shipping usually takes 7-21 days.

It looks very complicated to customize your own necklace with name, but actually it just takes within five minutes to make a order after you choose a reliable seller.


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