The Alleged Love Story: Mouni Roy and Mohit Raina

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Even though they've not accepted the allegations, they are a couple as the reports speak.    

Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy shared screen space in "Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev" and their off-screen rapport were noticed by everyone. Mohit played Lord Shiva on the show. Mouni was a part of the same mythological show as Sati, and the two shared a great chemistry. They soon became more than just close friends. Though they have never accepted their relationship publicly, the duo was spotted together on several occasions.    

According to reports, Mouni used to be constantly in touch with Mohit and both of them took time out from their hectic schedules to spend some quality time together. But they ensured not to be clicked by the paparazzi. While all celebrity couples are just as careful about their image, Mohit had to be extra particular about it. He played the character of Shiva on the show, and couldn't risk tainting the image of him portraying God. Mouni was earlier dating actor Gaurav Chopra but had always kept mum about the relationship.  

Talking about Mohit Raina in an interview in the past, Mouni had said, "Honestly, I love everything about him. It's been almost three years since the show went on air. Look at that man's dedication! I get to hear that he takes every single scene as seriously as he used to when the show had just begun. My favorite avatar of his was when he played Veerbhadra. It must've taken immense power to play that role." While she might not have admitted to their relationship, Mouni's confession is enough indication of the love she has for Mohit.  

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