The Alleged Love Story: Prabhas and Anushka Shetty

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After wowing fans with their flawless chemistry as Amarendra Baahubali and Devesena in Baahubali: The Conclusion, the two were on the lookout for a script that brings them together as a romantic couple.     

A source close to the actor tells us, “Just like how Prabhas has not shot for any other project while working on Baahubali, he planned to follow the same for "Saaho" as well. The film is an actioner and requires Prabhas to be in top shape while rigorously train while shooting and also learn some new skills since he has decided to do his own stunts without a body double. However, the film is taking longer than expected to shoot and Prabhas doesn’t want to wait for the film to get over before starting on the next project.” The source further explained that while the director Sujeeth is striving to complete the film and release it in 2018 and producers UV Creations too want it to come out this year, post-production work might cause delays.    

“In such a scenario, Prabhas doesn’t want to keep Radha Krishna wait and wants to start work on this love story simultaneously so that he has one film coming out this year or early next year and another production later next year,” revealed the source. Further talking about the film’s leading lady, the source said that the team is scheduled to meet and take the discussions ahead by next month or early March and that’s when there will be more clarity. “Anushka Shetty might come on board for this one. While the director initially was mulling over getting a fresh face on board, he then decided to go with Anushka after the success of Baahubali. Both the actress and Prabhas have been keen on doing an out-and-out romantic film and this one fits the bill,” said the source making our expectations soar.    

Well, the allegations of something being cooked between them is again by the anonymous sources. They really look sweet as a couple, so the fans wait for any formal info.

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