The Bachelorette Party- the Fun Memories with BFFs

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One of the very efficient pre-wedding rituals are the bachelorette parties (the celebration of the last night of being a bachelorette).  Move over the hangover days, for bachelor parties are now passe. It's the bachelorettes, or hen parties, which are the talk of the town now. And while some of the moments at these parties might make you`awww', brace yourselves for the`hawwww' details too!     

The themes...  

Most bachelorettes come with a theme. Like the one Ankita Khanna, a 26-year-old newlywed tells us about. "I got married in December last year in Lucknow, but for my bachelorette, I especially went to Delhi where I was earlier working since I knew I couldn't have all the fun here in Lucknow.My friends organized this jailor-themed party for me at one of their flats, where they all dressed up as inmates, and I was the jailor. Handcuffs, obviously, was the most prominent prop and I was supposed to "jail" them and give them punishments if they disobeyed me. All kinds of jokes were being made around like this is how I'm gonna treat my husband after marriage and all that. It was super fun," laughs Ankita.    

Aarti Vaid, an entrepreneur in her late twenties, planned a hens' party for her best friend at a five-star hotel in the city some time ago."We were a group of 15-20 girls, and we put in a lot of effort in each and every detail of the party. The theme was pink and black - no symbolism in that - just for the sake of a uniform dress code. We bought pink and black satin fabric, and got black shorts and pink spaghettis with a hen imprint at the back, for all the girls.We booked a suite at the hotel since you cannot have the same kind of fun at home," says Aarti.    

Anshika Seth, a 25-year-old engineer, planned an outstation bachelorette for her friend who recently got married. "The idea was to have uninhibited fun.Why restrict the bachelorette to just one night? So four of us including the bride went on an all girls' trip to Goa. We'd rented an apartment and done it up in a bride-to-be theme with the usual balloons and props. We would go to bars, having pre-decided that we won't pay for our drinks. On some occasions, we got lucky. On others, we didn't," says Anshika, with a laugh.    

The games...  

Of course, there are these exotic, naughty games to be played.  Remember how much you used to enjoy paper dance, four corners, Chinese whispers, etc. in kiddo birthday parties the bachelorettes have brought them back in vogue, but with their share of ahem-ness. " At the bachelorette that we organized for one of our friends who was getting married, we had these explicit games which are just too explicit to even tell. One of them was a version of`Pin the Donkey's Tail', you can guess how that was twisted! The other games were also along those lines," says Ratika Khurana, an entrepreneur in her late twenties.  Then, there are the drinking games. "Drinking games are very popular at bachelorettes.We played this game where we asked the bride questions about her groom. For every right answer, we friends had to take a shot, and for every wrong answer, the bride had to take a shot. Everyone was sloshed by the end of the game, but that was the very point of it," says Ratika.  The truth and dare sessions are also popular game at these parties. "I have never witnessed a better striptease in my life. We dared the bride to perform a striptease for all of us females, and it was a complete riot. The comments were just too much to handle," says Geetansha Kapoor, a homemaker in her late twenties.    

Props, gifts, and cake...  

Bride-to-be sashes, tiaras, and bridesmaids' badges have thronged the market, but the range of props available for bachelorettes range far beyond the ones for Miss Goody Two Shoes. "We had this hens' kit at the party, which was given to all the girls as a takeaway. It had things like condoms and dirty cupcakes and other things like that," shares Aarti. And what about the gifts are given to the bride-to-be? "Lingerie is the top pick, along with other adult toys that she can use on her honeymoon," says Ankita, adding, "My friends bought everything in Delhi, where all these things are easily available. But the cutest part was the note accompanying the gift, which had a detailed description on how to use the gift."  Another highlight of the bachelorettes is the cake, again with its share of quirkiness. "We had got a fondant cake for my friend, which was in the shape of a man and woman in bed," says Ratika. Niyati Tajpuria, the owner of a prominent bakery in the city, adds, "I get 20-30 requests a month for cakes for bachelorettes. If the bride is dainty and sober, it might be a cute, wedding gown-shaped cake. On other occasions, they are more raunchy. Earlier, there weren't a lot of requests for such cakes, but in the last year or so, they have really risen."    

There was the time when the bachelor parties had all the fame. With the change of time, it has taken a corner.  

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