The Belizian Tale Of Love

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"Abundance is perhaps the metaphor to be,

 Sitting on the shore, you the almighty sea"

A central-American country surrounded by the sea shore and all the nature.

Belize is one of the most favorite destinations of people in America, for a short silent vacation from a busy city rut.  

It's a country with English and Spanish spoken natives. The Spanish touch comes for being a neighbor to Mexico.  

Its economy is mostly based on tourism. You'll get some delicious home-made chocolates at Belize.   Being a coastal country, it has hidden wonders of the planet, and so many enticing tourist spots.  

No matter whether you're an adventurous sporty type of person or sky gazer, Belize has got a lot to offer.    

The skydiving, mountaineering, hiking, trekking, Benji jumping, on the side of sports to quench your adrenaline rush.  

On the other side comes snorkeling, the peaceful shores, cruises to nearby islands and several more.    

Lots more is coming in my next story.

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