The Bridal Wedding Emergency Kit

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Precautions are better than being pissed. You're the bride and also the center of attraction for the whole celebration. From the loftiest of shoes to meager pins, all define the beauty of you.    

 Just imagine a situation when you need a pin to pin your dress up in rush minutes and guess what, you forgot to bring it.   

For such emergency situations, we recommend an emergency survival kit.    

Check out these items to be included in your kit:  

  • Sewing kit: You never know, what in the dress comes out, and you need to get it fixed. It might be an arm or a mere button but nothing should be underestimated.
  • Nail polish remover: This is important, as you might get stains while trying the shades. You won't like them to look peculiar.
  • Snacks and drinks: The day is gonna be busy and you might miss your snacks. Keep reserves for the energy to stay active.
  • The cosmetics and hair stuff: Describing the looks, you should not forget the emergency makeup kit. Even if you hired a beautician, you never know, when you might need it badly.  The hairs are a compliment to any look, so the bobby pins and hair clips are a must in the kit.
  • Medication and tissues: Wierd set, but it's relevant. Don't forget the band-aids, the aspirins, and normal medications.   Also, tissue papers are a must, keep a supply in your purse only.
  • Deodorants and perfumes: Keep your kit ready with a lavish smell. It picks attention of anyone standing close.
  • Floss and mouth spray: These keep you kiss ready for the entire day.
  • Ids, Cards, and cash: You won't like to get stuck without your Driving license on your D-Day, better be prepared.

No matter how hard the things are planned, we do miss something always.

An English proverb conveys it so well,"Try for the best and prepare for the worst".

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