The Celebrity Hair Styles For Him

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Congrats sir. Heard you're getting married. Such a great day is about to arrive.   

Weddings take tons of investing in attire, but all the money spent will be a waste if our hair doesn't compliment it.     

Here are some celebrity picked styles for him:  

  • Clean shaved and Straightened up: This modest look with average long hair is suitable for every attire, be it a suit or a sherwani.
  • Clean shaven and tangled up: This look is again very modest, but suitable for guys with curly hairs. The hairs are tangled oppositely and simultaneously raised up. More suitable for suits.
  • Bald and clean shaven: This is a new generation style. It gives an elegant but rough touch to the possessor.  Goes well with designer sherwani and designer suits as well
  • Clean Shave With beard: This hot and classic look and suits particularly the ethnic dresses for the wedding.
  • Short side trimmed hair with short trimmed beard: This look is an executive look. The side hairs are trimmed with some 6-8 mm blades and the upper hair is normally short. Gives an auspicious look, again suitable for any north-Indian wear, be it sherwanis or the designer suits.
  • Average long hairs with long trimmed beard: Adds devilish sexy looks to grooms. Nothing like preferences with the attire.

      Know that no-one, just no-one knows what suits you the best. Except for your spouse and your mother perhaps. You can take their advice as well. 

 "Whatever style you do choose, make sure the trims and cuts should be sharp-edged. It enhances the elegance of overalls."

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