The Color Red-Vermilion(Sindoor)

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Indian culture and tradition are full of varied beautiful sentimental and scientific beliefs all at the same time.  

Believe it or not, every ritual is backed with proper scientific explanations, dated way before to the time of Vedas and Shastras. So, our culture isn't made of breezy beliefs but have concrete explanations to all.   

One such ritual of Hindu culture is "Maang Ki Sindoor" or vermilion.  

The tradition of Hindu women to put sindoor in the partition of their hair is way old. It's an auspicious sign of being married. It reflects the desire of a bride for the longevity of life of her husband.  

Sindoor is applied for the first time to a Hindu woman during the marriage ceremony when the bridegroom himself adorns her with it. The ceremony is called Sindoor-Dana and is very much in vogue even in present times.     

Traditional beliefs associated...  

It's said that sindoor is a symbol of the female energy of Parvati and Sati. Hindu mythological legends regard Sati as the ideal wife who gave her life for her husband's honor. Every Hindu wife is supposed to emulate her. Hindus believe that Goddess Parvati protects and blesses a healthy life to the husbands whose wives apply vermilion to their parting of the hair.    

Physiological significance...    

Isn't it interesting to note that that the application of sindoor by married women carries a physiological significance too? check this...  

Sindoor is prepared by mixing turmeric-lime and the metal mercury. Due to its intrinsic properties, mercury, besides controlling blood pressure also activates sexual drive. This also explains why Sindoor is prohibited for the widows.    

Mercury acts as a catalyst that helps to ease stress and strain. It also helps in keeping the brain active and alert. For best results, Sindoor should be applied right up to the pituitary gland where all our feelings are centered.    

well, red is a color of power, and in Hindu women, it signifies their potency of the self-security and that of their family.   

 Our culture is such diverse and beautiful that, it has always mesmerized the foreign cultures to read it and practice it for the good and harmony in their life.

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