The Exotic Bachelor Party Trend -Is it ?

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Sir, getting married soon? Excited about the rituals before you take the vows?    

It is not just you, but your friends also are really excited about this. Well, you guessed it right! We are talking about none other than the bachelor party. And, the reason behind this excitement is the unrealistic expectation that almost every guy has from this night.     

The things that you might be expecting at a bachelor party, and what you would actually be getting. 

Let's get you an overlook...    


Expectations: As a groom, you think that you only have to invite your unmarried friends to enjoy your last few days of bachelorhood.    

Reality: You end up inviting all your chachas, mamas, taujis and God knows who all, just to not offend them! That is one hell of a ‘bachelor’ night.    

2)Arrangements and expenses...    

Expectations: If you are the one whose last day of bachelorhood is to be celebrated, then you expect all your friends to organize this party for you and bear the expenses as well.    

Reality: Well, it is actually you, who fixes the venue, decides on the menu, arranges for the accommodation, and what not. And, not to forget, you are also the one, who ends up paying for it all!   

3)The venue...    

Expectations: An exotic location with all the luxuries, right!    

Reality: Daydreaming is not so exotic, is it? So, a friendly pub close to your house or maybe a huge terrace is just perfect as the venue for the do.   

4) Fun and Friends...    

Expectations: Not just you, but your friends also think that you all will drink as if it is your last day on the planet.    

Reality: The capacities get revealed sir. There surely would be a lot out there, who would get ‘high’ even before the second drink. And, we doubt if their weird tantrums would actually let you enjoy the rest of the evening.    

5) The drunken dancing...    

Expectations: The never-ending night? That's what you expect.    

Reality: We wish you just don't expect that this night would never have happened. Perhaps, a long drive with your spouse would have been more happening.    

6) The insane gifts...    

Expectations: Some naughty props would heat-up the party.    

Reality: Man, these shits take courage, and don't you know your friends?    

7) The center of attraction...    

Expectations: Guys, we know that the first thing that comes to your mind when you get an invitation for a bachelor’s party is the sight of, oh yeah, ‘Strippers’!    

Reality: Would you really get a stripper at a party with your uncles and taus.      

Well, then shouldn't we go for the party at all?   

It's a nice ritual, last night of bachelorhood. Go for it, maybe you get lucky.    

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