The Groom's D-Day Emergency Kit

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"precautions are better than cures".   

This phase is not liable to the circumstances but fits into any life context very well.     

The D-Day of your life is here, and you're ready to rock the floor. Man, you look beast-handsome. All from the top to the very bottom coveys a sense of elegance and charm.   

In such a festive time, I don't want to terrify you, but it's never too late, so, I ask you...  

Have you prepared for meager things that you might need while wedding? 

From a safety pin to the mouth freshener, anything?   Why? Because the near-most general store is miles away from the wedding venue. 

If you consider getting the stuffs at the time, you might not get married only...Kidding.   

Consider these items for you in the emergency kit check-list...  

  • Drinks and Snacks: Know that the day is gonna be deadly busy, So, missing out the meals won't be a big deal. Pack some easy energy sources and stay active. Fruit juices, granola bars, and some glucose is add-on.
  • Medi-ready: I wish you never need some medication on this day, but stay ready for the stress and relevant busy mess. Stock up on cologne, shaving cream and razors, hair gel, deodorant, clear bandages, cotton swabs, aspirin, tissues, and eye drops.
  • Attire regulators:  Be ready for any outfit emergency with a lint brush, shoe polish (make sure you have the right color), a sewing kit, stain remover wipes, safety pins, extra cufflinks, extra suit buttons, and an extra tie or bowtie.

Don't forget your medicines if you are having a regular prescription.   

There are several other stuffs which might be needed. We can get the whole general store and yet miss something. But these are necessities which should not be forgotten.  

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