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India is diverse not only in cultures and traditions but also in its climatic conditions. And, when it comes to planning your wedding, it's always an elaborate topic, whether to get married in chilly winters or the summers.   

Maybe, you've memories associated with the rain or the spring, choices vary from couple to couple, family to family.   

Best thing is, in India, you won't have to wait for another trail of months for getting a favorable climate for your wedding.    

Tell me! what season and climate do you want??  Winter? Great! me as well.

Winter is always the most romantic amongst all the seasons, for, the cold breeze, the warm coffee, and you know, a lot more.    

Here are some places for your winter romance :    

1)Manali (Himachal Pradesh): If you're a winter lover, then getting married at Manali isn't any less than a heavenly dream coming true. Plus you can go for extreme adventure sportings.    

2)Tirthan Valley (Himachal Pradesh): This is a paradise on earth, named upon the river Tirthan. Some precious moments to spend with your life partner, and the valleys witnessing your love for the eternity. 

3)Ladakh(Jammu and Kashmir): A road trip to Leh-Ladakh, followed by a series of romantic weather and you getting married, afar the world in silence and cold.  

The beauty of Ladakh is so enticing that, you might plan it to be your honeymoon destination as well.    

4)Darjeeling( West Bengal): Darjeeling has always been amongst most preferred honeymoon destinations for its easy trail from the traveling conveniences. And, it's a paradise to get bound to one whom you love.    

5)Gangtok(Sikkim): Gangtok has been a Buddhist pilgrimage place and has always been a symbol for its serenity and peace.  Imagine yourself getting married in the Gangtok valleys, with a touch of serenity and purity in the air. The souls bounded in the mountains and blessed by the Buddha.   

6)Nainital(Uttarakhand): Nainital, blessed with its lakes and surrounded by hills is one another paradise. It's also blessed with natural hot water lakes which can be a whole another experience to share with your beloved.  

Plus, its snowy valleys and tranquil lakes are the purest natural instances imagined getting united for the rest of the lives.    

7)Missouri(Uttarakhand): Uttarakhand has been one of the holiest states of India, for some of the most divine rivers like Ganga originates from here. And terrain joining Missouri is very convenient for traveling. A resort can be booked at a very economic price and you can do all the hiking and water sports as well.   Plus, this place is so blessed.     

It has been a very memorable journey. Hasn't it. You traveled the most beautiful peaks of the world, amongst which, one is gonna be your wedding destination.    

Come to us, we'll help you planning and arranging everything for you. 

We're eager to hear from you.  

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