The Lady's Love-Gems

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An old proverb says,"Dogs are man's best friends".  

Okay...  What about ladies then??...  

Don't they have best friends? 

 Again, a proverb says,"Gems are dame's best friends".    

So, if you look for a gift to win your lady's heart, Try these...    

  •  Pearl: Pearls are not crystals, but these are formed by nature. Pearls have powerful properties and like crystals generate energy. These promote healthy, nurturing and deep form of love.    
  • Ruby: Rubies are symbols of deep, passionate love. Its energy frequency promotes vitality, adventure, and amorous love.    
  • White Diamonds:  This is the best stone within the Crystals and it symbolizes pure, unconditional and forever love.    
  • Peridot: Peridots were believed to protect against evil spirits and danger. Gift the peridot to keep your lover safe and close to your heart. Periodot promotes loving kindness and goodness between the wearer and giver.     
  • Blue Sapphire. A blue choice for manifesting steadfast, long enduring love. This is a stone that strengthens commitment and honor.     
  • Amethyst: A stone that promotes divine love and balance. With its regal purple color, amethyst brings deep, spiritual insight and understanding. It is a great choice to give for grounding a previously rocky relationship.    

Did you notice a thing, one gem or all of them, they represent love. All they'll be able to do is to increase the intensity of love in your relationship.   

I suppose that's what you want. Right??    

From here, the journey is yours, choose the carats as per the intensity required.

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