The Love Story: Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna

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Akshay Kumar is an Indian origin actor, producer, martial artist, stuntman and television personality, who works in Bollywood films.  Box Office India has listed Kumar as one of the most successful actors in the history of Indian cinema.    

Not to miss, he is also a devoted husband and a super-loving father in real life! On the other hand, his wife is a star kid, a beautiful actress, a talented blogger and designer, an amazing homemaker and now the author of a popular book.     

Before entering Bollywood, Akshay was a waiter and an amazing cook at a hotel in Bangkok. While he waited tables there, Twinkle was busy preparing herself for making an entry into Bollywood as an actress. Akshay debuted in the glam world with a minor role in Mahesh Bhatt’s film, Aaj, in 1987. And in the 1990s, he established himself as a Khiladi with a series of films having that name in their titles. Twinkle, on the other hand, debuted in 1995 with Bobby Deol, with a Rajkumar Santoshi directed movie, Barsaat, which turned out to be a moderate hit.    

The Meeting...  

The two first met during a shoot for Filmfare magazine, in Mumbai, where Akshay developed an instant crush on Twinkle. In one of his interviews with Filmfare, the actor confessed the same and said:    “I met Twinkle for the first time during a photo session with Jayesh Seth for Filmfare. I still have that photograph. Thank you, Filmfare!”    However, it was actually during the shooting of their film, International Khiladi, when the two fell for each other, and the rest is history.    

The Fun Chance...  

Well, according to this handsome hunk, more than Twinkle’s beauty, it was her qualities that attracted him to her. He even once said:  “Twinkle is one of the most wonderful, talented and headstrong women.’’    

And, what was it that made Twinkle marry him? Well, on an episode of the popular TV show, Koffee With Karan, Akshay revealed that Twinkle was very confident of her upcoming release, Mela, in 2000. She was certain that it would do well and told him that in case the movie fails to create magic in the box office, she would marry him. Luckily for them, the movie flopped, and soon they got married.    

The Wedding...  

The two got married on January 7, 2001, in designer duo as well as friends, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla’s residence, amidst a gathering of just 50 people, and that too in just two hours. Bollywood actor- Aamir Khan, politician- Amar Singh, renowned director- Dharmesh Darshan, were a few of the guests of this wedding. And, it took a lot of time for people to digest the fact that the two were actually married!     

All we can say is that they are one of the best-looking couples we have in our country today, and an inspiration for all to look up to.    

What keeps them held together...  

Akshay says:  ‘’We keep on discovering new things about each other because we are so different. We are poles apart.”    

Well, isn’t that what makes two people more compatible as a couple? It surely is!

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