The Love Story: Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani

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The story of Esha Deol's wedding is nothing short of an adorable fairy tale. 

It is about a guy falling in love with a girl while he was in a school but irked the girl in the process. 

The two never spoke to each other again up till their chance meeting as adults at the breathtaking Niagara Falls. Here the boy finally proposes to his childhood sweetheart. 

Doesn’t it sound all filmy already? Perfect setting, gorgeous location and all.  

Esha relates how she introduced Bharat to mom Hema. “I called out to her and said, ‘Mama, come up! I’ve something to show you’. Mom came up to my floor, casually playing with the dogs, unaware of what was in store. Then I introduced her to Bharat. Both being Librans, hit it off instantly!”     

About his meeting with papa Dharam, she says, “Papa and Bharat sat alone and chatted for an hour.” Bharat confides, “Dharamji’s seen life. He listed a few things and asked whether I’d be able to fulfill those. I’ve turned more responsible after that meeting. I’ve already fulfilled half of the things from that list.”    

Though Esha was bowled over by Bharat’s dashing looks, she says nature wise he’s more like her mother. “Like mom, Bharat is raring to go every morning with things well planned. Dad and I are laidback – ‘karenge’ types. Mom and Bharat keep me on my toes,” she laughs. For someone who has seen the hi-jinks of glamour and the shenanigans of relationships what was it about Bharat that made her commit? “I realized that he’s someone who’ll be mine and remain loyal. I’ve always been a protected child but now I feel even more protected. I don’t feel like a lost soul anymore. There’s more purpose to life, something to look forward to.  

This is what true love is, isn't it? Whatever happens, never leaving the hands of your better half. 


Their wedding in my next story.

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