The Love Story: R Madhavan And Sarita Birje

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He is an Indian actor, writer, and film producer. He has received three Filmfare Awards and an award from the Tamil Nadu State Film Awards along with recognition and nominations from other organizations. He has been described as one of the few actors in India who is able to achieve pan-Indian appeal, having appeared in films from seven different languages.    

Whether as a desi boy in Ramji Londonwaley or as a rugged coach in Sala Khadoos, Maddy can easily win any heart with his charm. And it is the same charm that made Sarita Birje fall in love with him. This is the sweet love story of how a girl fell for her mentor.  

R. Madhavan wanted to serve the country by joining the army, but his parents insisted him to study management. So, after earning his degree in electronics, Madhavan started conducting communication and public speaking classes all over India.  

It was during one of these classes that he met Sarita. She was an aspiring air hostess, and in 1991, she attended his personality development classes in Maharashtra. She eventually cleared her interview and to thank Madhavan, she took him out for dinner.    

Madhavan gushed about their first date,  

 "Sarita was my student and she asked me out on a date one day. I was a dark man and thought it was an opportunity. Didn't know if I would ever get married so I grabbed on to the opportunity and married her."    

They enjoyed each other's company, and a love story began. After eight years of courtship, Madhavan and Sarita got hitched forever in 1999. It was a traditional Tamil wedding, which took place with their friends and family in the gathering. These lovebirds tied the knot before Madhavan made his name in the entertainment industry.    

To maintain a balance in their married lives, the couple thinks that it is important to be honest and transparent with each other. They love playing golf together and go for holidays, but they also give each other the necessary space.    

There is certainly a lot to learn from this very modest couple.   

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