The Love Story: Sangram Singh and Gurkiran Kaur

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Where we were just around the corner to welcome the New Year, we bade goodbye to 2017 in an extremely great way by celebrating about another couple who tied the knot. This actor from "Yeh Hai Mohabbatein" surprised everyone with his engagement announcement by sharing a picture on his official Instagram handle about a girl from Norway, named Gurkiran Kaur who became his fiancée then.     

Announcing the news, he told, "Yes, it's true. We are getting married soon. The wedding will take place in Amritsar and the engagement and cocktail will happen at Jalandhar. It's an arranged marriage and Gurkiran is a VAT consultant from Norway."    

The Cocktail Bash...  

So, the wedding celebration already began on December 19, 2017, and the groom-to-be then was seen enjoying his cocktail party in his full form. The cocktail party was a fun-filled starry event where all his friends from the industry and family attended it. Having color contrasting yet coordinated outfits, the handsome Sangram was looking like Mr perfect in his royal blue full suit with white shirt and contrasting yellow tie.     

On the other hand, the bride-to-be, Gurkiran was seen wearing a beautiful golden lehenga with nominal makeup. Her jewelry was what caught everyone’s eyeball as she was seen donning just a big sized maang-teeka and large hanging golden earrings.     


Being a Punjabi wedding, this is a ritual which generally happens during the late-night where everyone is having their fun time.     

Haldi Rasam...  

The next was the haldi rasam and it was no less of a fun affair. The groom-to-be Sangram was seen wearing a royal blue-colored kurta pajama and was shining with the haldi on his face.     

The Wedding Ceremony...  

The day arrived where we get to see Sangram with his lady-love, Gurkiran who tied the nuptial knot today in a gurudwara wedding. The groom was seen donning a royal looking golden sherwani with a pink turban to match to her Punjabi kudi, Gurkiran was seen wearing a traditional bright pink-colored lehenga and red chooda. With her minimum makeup and royal gold choker set, she looked like a perfect Punjabi bride.     

Numerous wishes to this newbie couple. All the happiness, love and luck in their life ahead. 

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