The Love Story: Shweta Tiwari and Abhinav Kohli

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Shweta always had ambitions of becoming an actress and decided to try her luck in Mumbai. She auditioned for a TV show named Kaliren, which was one of the earliest TV serials of Ekta Kapoor way back in 1998, about the time the first Shweta Tiwari wedding happened. Shweta bagged the role and went to star in other serials of Ekta Kapoor making her a popular face on TV. Today, she is considered one of the most recognizable faces of Indian television show-business.    

Shweta and Abhinav met on the sets of their TV serial Jaane Kya Baat Hui in 2009. They became friends and love blossomed between them.   

Abhinav and Shweta have stayed with each other during difficult times. Even when Shweta participated in Bigg Boss 4, Abhinav stayed at Shweta's place after she left to enter the Bigg Boss 4 house.  Abhinav is known to be a very secure person and had stated in an interview to a daily that he doesn't get bothered when Shweta gets more attention professionally. He also said that he is a smaller actor compared to her and that he cannot compete with her professionally.   

The Wedding...  

The stage was all set for the second Shweta Tiwari wedding to Abhinav Kohli. In an interview, Abhinav shared that they were aiming for a date in December but because Shweta’s brother who lives abroad could not make it that time they decided to get married in July 2013. It was a fun-filled yet low-key affair since the couple preferred calling only a certain select group of people to their wedding. The venue was a five-star suburban hotel in Mumbai and the Shweta Tiwari wedding to Abhinav Kohli was a proper grand wedding ceremony since Shweta didn’t have a proper one for her first one. They had three ceremonies, viz. sangeet, wedding, followed by the reception.    

The couple even had a short Mehandi ceremony on the day of the Shweta Tiwari wedding to Abhinav Kohli, where the couple sang and danced. Even Shweta’s daughter was part of the festivities. The wedding day was a joyous and festive one with Shweta dressed in a resplendent red Punjabi bridal lehenga. Abhinav wore a white sherwani with some stylish sequin work on it and wore the traditional sehra. The couple then had a reception on 31st July where again they invited close friends from the television industry. Overall, it was a festive event since it was after all Abhinav’s first marriage while for Shweta she was finally married to someone whom she truly loved.    

You never know when the love knocks the door. Be acceptive towards the changes, and adaptive for the happiness. This love story is one true example.

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