The Love Story: Somya Seth and Arun Kapoor

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The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony on January 15, 2017. Somya and Arun had been dating for quite some time and they even had a private roka ceremony in August 2016.     

The year began on a happy note for our most beloved Navya aka Somya Seth. She is also famous for her role of princess Kaurwaki in the historical drama, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. The actress holds a special place in the hearts of the audience, all because of her vital roles and her bubbly and cheerful screen presence.  

The bubbly girl who had been riding high on the success of her show Ashoka is now a happily married woman and is experiencing a personal high too. 


This is what Somya says about the love story...  

"Yes, we had a roka ceremony. I met Arun during my three months trip to the US. We became friends and eventually fell in love."    

Pre-Wedding rituals:    The pre-wedding functions including the Mehendi and sangeet took place at a resort in the United States.  The pretty bride-to-be Somya looked ravishing in a bright orange and golden sharara during the Mehendi function. She wore a beautiful layered necklace and adorned her hair with a pretty passa.    

The Wedding:    The wedding was too much of a private family wedding.  For her wedding ceremony, Somya chose a traditional red lehenga, complete with chooda and kalire. She looked every bit like a princess in her bridal finery.    

The Reception:  The bride wore a white gown for her reception day and looked sumptuous in that too.    

Everything, from the rituals and the ceremony itself, was a private one, attended only the close friends and family.    

May the cosmos bless this sweet couple.

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