The Love Story: Surveen Chawla and Akshay Thakker

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What's into the air all around, like, we're all confused, what's going on...  

Love? yeah but not just the love but lots of surprises associated with all these love stories.    

A day after actress Surveen Chawla unexpectedly revealed that she is married, the Hate Story 2 actress opened up about her wedding to long-time boyfriend Akshay Thakker.     

Why was it a secret for so long? 

Surveen shared new pictures from her wedding day, which reportedly took place in Italy in 2015, and said she initially did not reveal about her wedding because she thought it may affect her career.

She later added, "But I soon crossed that bridge and realized that a talented actor will shine irrespective of her marital status".  "It was a personal choice to not talk about the marriage. We wanted to break the news just before our Indian wedding, which was scheduled to take place this month. However, we had to postpone it to 2018, following a loss in the family".    

The pictures depict the new bride beaming with joy and looking ethereal in a white gown befitting for a fairytale wedding. The couple reportedly exchanged their vows in an intimate church ceremony surrounded by their family and friends. A picture from the D-day sees the couple being showered with flowers after the matrimonies.    

Surveen shared a picture with her husband with a poetic verse from Shakespeare that read, "One half of me is yours, the other half yours, Mine own, I would say; but if mine, then yours, And so all yours”, romantic right.    

Bollywood at the time has become a dwelling for all the love surprises, and nothing can be perceived. Knows the cosmos, which star would be the next to surprise us.     

We're waiting with our fingers crossed.  

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