The Love Story- Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli

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Not every love story has a happy ending, but some stories outweigh all the not so happy ones.  

This is one story of the most wanted x-bachelor in India and the finest queen of the Bollywood.  Life says, 

"Love isn't easy, you'll have to go through torments of me. There will be ups and downs and those would either make you break you. Now both the choices are available to you as a couple". 

This couple was a sweet one and always had candid moments. Life tried them as well and they went apart. And that too only for realizing that they can't live without the other.   

 You might have guessed me well, "This is the story of Virat and Anushka".  

Very recently, on 11th of December, they got married in a rush-rush situation at Italy.    

What is a perfect made for each other couple?... 

This One Is... Loved, came together, time put apart, realized the loss, came together with even more vigor, and went tied for life.    

All the mehndi and the haldi rituals were celebrated glamorously, but a hurry was noticed. 

There is not too much of the news about this very private wedding.   

The Family Reception...

The couple hosted a grand reception in New Delhi for their relatives on 21 December at the Taj Diplomatic Enclave in Delhi. No wonder, it was a grand festival.   

The Formal Reception With Field Friends...

The family reception was followed by one another lavish reception at St. Regis in Lower Parel, Mumbai, witnessed especially by sports industry faces. 

MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh, Bhubaneswar Kumar, and so many hoisted names along with their family attended the party, only to make it a fully famed event.    

No matter how many days turning into months and years, these moments would never lose the flavor of love.    

Come, celebrate your love with us. We're a family of skilled organizers witnessing and creating so many beautiful memories. 

Contact us, we're eager to hear from you...  

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