The Love Story- MS Dhoni And Sakshi Rawat

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Grew together, studied together, families were friends, but haven't yet met.    

They studied together, they grew up in the same place, their fathers worked together, but never came close.  

Destiny put them apart for years, until one very fortunate day.    

This is about the story of India's most eligible bachelor and X-captain of Indian cricket team, MS Dhoni, and the most beautiful bowler to bowl Dhoni down, Sakshi Rawat.    

The meeting...  

They met at Taj Bengal, during a match at Eden-Gardens while their stay, where Sakshi was working as an intern.  

Say it luck or whatever to be, but the day was the last day of her internship over there. Sakshi was introduced to Dhoni by the manager of the hotel and he was fascinated by this lady.  Just after the match, Dhoni got the contacts of Sakshi from the manager and tried ringing her. Lady thought it to be a cold prank, until one day when it was confirmed to be Dhoni.    

The Lady took some months of time, even to accept a friendship with this handsome guy. After the friendship, they started knowing each other more and falling more.    

It was all of a concealed love story, not even the very shrewd media could get a hint of anything as such going on. The wedding was planned secretly and was revealed only after a silent but lavish engagement ceremony at Dehradun.    

The Unification...  

The day following was one for the unification of this very fortunate couple. Their wedding at a resort at Dehradun was glamorized by several celebrities of Bollywood, like John Abraham, the sports world celebrities, the teammates, the political VVIPs.  

 A wedding among the stars at a holy place like Dehradun was all that this couple needed.     

Once married, Dhoni's lady luck proved its charm and he was doing better than ever in the field.  

  Today, they have a sweet little daughter Ziva, and this couple is one idealized couple.   

This is what sounds like, "A perfect love story with a perfect ending".

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