The Love Tale- Hrithik Roshan And Suzanne khan

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It's said, " Most important thing in a marriage is to understand and respect the other. Before being a couple, you should be good friends first. That way, the understanding never derails". 

What could be better than a situation where your best friend happens to be the person you're in love with.  

Awesome right! This is the story of the most handsome guy in India, credited by so very many worldwide magazines.     

The Love...  

Hrithik and Suzanne were childhood friends, growing and playing together and all.  But the love happened only after Suzanne returned back to the US, completing her graduation. Both were kind of introverts, kept hanging out with each other, just as best friends, until one day when they say, yup, love happened.    

The Wedding...  

The wedding was decided at Golden Palms resort, Bangalore, distant from the limelight chaos of Mumbai. The groom wanted a quiet wedding, so just the very close friends and family met to witness the unification. The friend list included Jeetendra, Prem Chopra, Rishi Kapoor, Dabboo Ratnani, Sujit Kumar, Farhad Nathani and Faroukh Ruttonsey.    

This was a very simple wedding, without any traditional Nikaah or Hindu rituals. The couple signed the marriage register at 9 PM, poolside, and were declared married.  

 Despite a quiet untraditional wedding, Hrithik for sure had a haldi ritual and took a Baraat to the place riding on a horse.    

Wedding Attire...  

Hrithik wore a Rocky S outfit which was a 3 layered Angarakha in off-white with heavy work in dull gold all over the outfit which was in spun organza and crushed tissue. Hrithik also wore a crushed Dupatta around his neck and another around his arm and shoulder. The bridegroom look was completed with a turban over his head and Mojris.  

Suzanne wore a gold saree or lehenga-choli designed by Tarun Tahiliani.      

This was a perfect love story. Despite being divorced, their friendship isn't affected. They yet are captured together at the events now and then.    

"A true love story never ends, time can't kill love. It persists through all the hard times, and guess what, it endures and strengthens."

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