The Love Theme: Paint it Red

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Wedding season is on and you want yours to be the best one in hearsays. What creativity can you do to make it so?     

Leave it, tell me something about fashion. How do you interpret the word "fashionable" to appear like?     

For me, anything out of tradition and the trends is fashion. In simple words, we can say, anything which is comfortable and eye-catching is fashionable.    

Seems like, I've gone crazy, right!    

Why do I talk all of a sudden about fashion in the midst of wedding conversation?   Because, the way I defined fashion can actually make your D-Day a very hot-topic for chit-chats.    

How's that gonna happen?  Try theme based weddings. Maybe, the older people get a particular domain of wears with a couple of colors to choose from, and so would happen with the other age groups. Maybe you can go for the royal theme, or disney theme, or any other.

This might sound tacky and hectic, but think about this, the ladies would be discussing this matter for at least the night before the wedding. The guys would have to talk as well, you know, their ladies would talk to the guys as well no. The kids would actually be enjoying this because they would have something new of an experience.    

This theme-based wedding culture has been outdated, but a peculiarity about fashion is that, what goes comes around. Things once trendy are new trends.     

This old theme with amendments made to it can be a hot topic and your day a memorable one. 

Now, you wonder what the color red is supposed to do with it?  Nothing! It just sounded cool, and you made through the article.    

Be creative, it's always popular and fun.  

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