The Love at first sight: Bobby Deol and Tanya Ahuja

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Skeptical about love at first sight?     

Hold your horses because after reading the love story of this Bollywood couple, you will change your faith. It is the love story of Bobby Deol, who was once crowned as the most eligible bachelor of Bollywood and his wife Tanya Ahuja.    

After the release of his movie Barsaat, Bobby was riding high on success. It was his first Bollywood flick and was very well received by the film fraternity and the audience. This made him instantly desirable to many women. Not knowing that his life was about to change forever, Bobby went for a meal to Trattoria, the Italian restaurant at Mumbai's Hotel President, with his friends.    

He saw a gorgeous girl walk past him to the café and that is how it all started. That girl was Tanya Ahuja. Bobby was so smitten by her beauty that he called up everyone in the hope of getting some information about this mystery girl.    

Finally, he got to know that she is the daughter of a finance company's manager, Dev Ahuja. Somehow, Bobby got her number and after a lot of wooing, Tanya finally agreed to go out on a date with him. Since then, the couple has never looked back.  

Soon, those dates and late night talks made Bobby and Tanya fall madly in love with each other. To take their relationship to the next level, Bobby decided to propose to Tanya. It wasn't just bending on the knee, but a lot more. Bobby took Tanya to the same place where he saw her for the first time and proposed to her. Smitten and surprised Tanya, without any doubt, said "yes".    

This Love story makes you believe in first sight love, right!    

Next story brings the unification of the couple.

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