The Love story: Bobby Deol and Tanya Ahuja

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It is being said that it was love at first sight for Bobby when he saw Tanya for the first time. Bobby once was sitting in an Italian cafe in Mumbai, then this beautiful girl passes by him. Bobby was shocked seeing her. Name of this girl was Tanya Ahuja. As soon as he saw Tanya, he fell in love with her.    

The families agreed over the affair and a wedding was planned...    

The traditional wedding: Tanya and Bobby told their parents about their relationship, and their wedding was duly fixed. With the blessings of their parents and the best wishes of their family and friends, the couple tied the knot in 1996. In his off-white sherwani, Bobby Deol looked dapper. Tanya chose a traditional red lehenga for the big day. The couple was blessed by one and all.    

Bobby and Tanya are now happily married. In June 2002, the couple welcomed their first son, Aryaman Deol. They welcomed their second son in November 2004 and named him Dharam after his grandfather. You will find this adorable couple happily posing for the photographers at various B-town events. Bobby is managing his restaurants and banquets, while Tanya is heading her furniture designing business.    

Commending Bobby's role as a father and a husband, Tanya said:    

"Caring. Bobby is very emotional, he does these small, endearing things which mean so much. As a couple, we can pre-empt every breath we take. Aryaman and Dharam adore him. When he's at home, they are always playing their little games with him. He's glued into every moment in their lives."    

We wish this couple a very beautiful and a blossoming married life.   

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