The Mandap Ceremony in Indian Weddings

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The secure dwelling under the blessings of the parents is what this ritual represents.    

Whatever we grow into, the largest role played is always by our parents. They are the hands holding which we learn our first steps. The ones who devote their entire lives nurturing us, considering our needs afore them, always.     

In India, weddings take place in accordance with the age-old customs and traditions. There are a number of rituals before, after and on the wedding day itself. Mandap ceremony is also such ritual.     After the Varmala ceremony is over, the couple is blessed by the elderly people of both the families. This is followed by the mandap ceremony, which is performed under a canopy supported on four pillars. This is called Mandap. It is usually made of bamboo and is decorated with red and silver colors.     

The four pillars of the mandap signify the parents on both sides, which toiled hard to bring their children up. The mandap ceremony usually takes place at the house of the bride or otherwise it is held at the wedding venue itself. All the rituals during the mandap ceremony are performed in front of the sacred fire and hymns recited by the priest, from Vedas. The main rituals conducted here are Saat Phere, Kanyadaan, Maang bharai etc.     

In Indian weddings, almost everyone from the family has a ritual dedicated to it. This is one another reason behind large families of us. 

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