The Mooh-Dikhai Ritual in India

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The Indian culture is among the most diverse cultures ever existed. 

The glory of it is of such prestige that the foreign countries have courses on our culture. 

Even though our culture is diverse and loaded with tons of beliefs, every belief holds a very firm reason to ground it.    

Such a beautiful ritual is the Mooh-Dikhai ritual.    

When the bride goes to her new home, she is welcomed by the entire family. The family now indulges in a series of games and post-wedding rituals, amidst much laughter to make the new member feel comfortable.    

Literally translated, Mooh-Dikhai means 'showing the face'. This ritual helps in introducing the newlywed to members of her husband's family! Each member of the groom's family comes, in turn, to make an acquaintance with the new bride and shower her with gifts. The mother-in-law showers her with jewelry, clothes, and money. The other close relatives of the family further offer her gifts and money.    

The Ritual in Execution...  

The ceremony is performed in slightly different ways across the country depending on the customs of that particular region. The most common way of performing the ceremony has the bride sitting with her face covered by a veil. The relatives come one by one, lifting the veil, viewing the bride for the first time after the wedding and showering her with gifts.     

In olden times particularly this custom was very important because most of the womenfolk would not attend the wedding. The baraat generally traveled to the bride's village for the wedding. Because the travel was to distances, so, ladies generally stayed back at home. When the baraat came back with the new bride, the Mooh-Dikhai custom gave all the women a chance to meet the new member.    The tradition of Mooh-Dikhai celebrates the transition of a girl from daughter to daughter-in-law. Modestly veiled, she sees the lighter side of a hitherto unknown set of people. They tease and cajole her and accept her as one of their own. 

And so the wedding story ends and the postmarriage life begins. 

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