The Perfect Shoes For His Wedding

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Shoes reflect your personality. Looking at someone's shoes, a lot can be told about the wearer. The corporate interviews are evident to it. 

The shoes are accepted to be in the physical gestures and body language. Such is the importance of the shoes you wear.    

Now that it's your wedding day, I'm sure you would have spent a ton on your attire, so, spend a bit more on a perfect shoe matching your attire and complimenting your style.    

Not just go for the looks, but also the comfort. Sir, make sure you can actually put it on your feet.    

Here I come with best of the 5 groom shoes...    

  • The Sherwani Shoes: There is a diverse no of choices available in the market which come at a low price. And the choice you make for yourself substantially depends on the color and the sherwani you have chosen. Some of them are
  • Brogue shoes: These are my favorite formal cum casual formal shoes. They come with a pride and royalty, and suits almost any light color suit that you choose for your day. Also, these come with an Indian ethnic touch which suits with the designer sherwanis as well.
  • Derby shoes: Derby is a style of boot or shoe characterized by quarters with shoelace eyelets that are sewn on top of the vamp. These are classic formal shoes, and the royal light brown shade of it would add an elegance to her.
  • Oxford shoes: Oxford shoe is characterized by shoelace eyelets tabs that are attached under the vamp, a feature termed "closed lacing". The shine reflects your character and personality. It adds a unique touch which is ineffable in some terms. These are all suit shoes, made to reflect the real you.
  • Chelsea boots: Although these boots are lace-less leather boots, normally with high heels.   In men, the height of him adds a charm and strength to his overall personality, thence this shoe.

"In India, there is a ritual in Hindus in which the sisters of the bride hide the shoes of the groom and returns only after a sweet negotiation with her brother-in-law." 

   These cultures are so vivid, giving a festive and merry touch to everything.  

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