The Photo Shoot With A Wild Touch: The Safari

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You've been planning for a pre-wedding photo shoot and you know that your couple is not that soft romantic couple, sitting in the parks holding hands and all, then this story is for you.    

So, anything else in your mind? What places can you choose? What kind of adventure would you prefer? A hiking? A trekking? Benjy jumping?   

Hey! what about a safari? The entire trip would be an adventure, you get to meet the wildlife in its natural habitat and living style. They might not pound on you, but there will always be a possibility. Does this pumps enough adrenaline in your blood? What say? Should we go for one?    

A safari photo shoot is a perfect shoot for couples looking for a savage shoot. This reveals you directly to the thrills and perils of the jungle. You'll get so many poses to make, some around the deadliest of a creature, and around sweetest of nature.    

Try not to miss a dawn shot with a red rising sun. Neither a dusk one. Riding on an elephant can be one great pose, or climbing a tree can also do a great work.    

Well, the exposure elements to be shot depends on the jungles or the sanctuaries you do choose.     However, get a photographer with compatible traits and he can give you some clicks of a lifetime.     

In my upcoming stories, I discuss some of the most beautiful natural attractions to be your host. Follow them to get the ideas to make your choice.

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