The Pre-wedding Shoot: Amritsar Golden Temple

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"All the lustrous metals together can't shine even near to the luminence of love and peace".    

The name Amritsar comes of being the end of a causeway, surrounded by the sacred Amrit Sarovar tank (lake), where pilgrims bathe.    

The devotees from all over India and even the world present their devotion to the holiest temple of Sikhs. People here believe in donation and philanthropy. 

At times, philanthropy isn't about just donation of money. Sikhs believe in a donation of labor or "shram daan". You'll find devotees on traffic signals serving drinks to the travelers. This kind of values is from the Sikh Gurus you're visiting.     

The government is very cautious about the pilgrims coming to visit the sacred gurudwara and hence you'll find the state tourism offices from right outside the railway stations to the airports.    

The Temple: The temple so beautiful is surrounded by a sweet-water lake(home to the fishes). The white marble floor with a lustrous golden top, so bright that it calms you in some peculiar way.     

The day shoot...    

Perfect place to shoot photos. What a holy and serene click it would be, depends on the compatibility of you with the photographer. Not just the gurudwara in the background, a perfect click can be by the lakes, sitting, dipping your feet and the fishes of the lakes finning around your feet.    

The nights...    

The nights here are even more beautiful and lively. The temple shines in the moon and the reflection of the moon in the lake is so divine. The surrounding is perfect for the romantic and serene clicks.       

  • There are several other attractions nearby, like,  the Jallianwala Bagh, just at the entrance for the temple. Yup, the one so popular in history books for its massacre.      

Come visit Amritsar, it would be a whole new sole-refreshing one.

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