The Pre-wedding Shoot: Taj Mahal

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A gorgeous world heritage and a wonder of the seven wonders. 

This is the metaphor for love. The beauty comes with a fame and popularity. 

Maybe that being the reason why Taj Mahal is so crowded, no matter what the seasons be.     

This stunning white stone(sangmarmar) monument is a wonderful dedication of an emperor to her beloved. The reason why we are here is to mold his love into ours.   


The best thing about the timing of the shoot is that there is no particular best time, even a 5 min difference gives two different shades of the palace. Getting great clicks can feel like a daunting task.


The shoot:    Be at the gates before the sunrise. A perfect place to see a bird catching worms.   Like the most national heritages, the gates open up at the dawn and close at the dusk.  

  • The golden light at sunrise creates magic on the white marble dome. You will have to wake up before dawn. But it will be worth it when you see the Taj Mahal bathed in a rosy glow.    

  • Try to get the pre-booked tickets, for, the people, visiting it are in numerous nos. You won't like missing the most lovely rosy clicks of you two.    

The Photographer: A skilled photographer knows the clicks he's supposed to make, the angles to make it vivid and the posture to capture you into it. Make sure you get a proficient guy for the job.    The symmetry of the structure is one aspect that makes the Taj Mahal architecturally brilliant, perfect for experimenting with different angles.   

 The exteriors, the nearby plantations, get clicked all your poses and the candids. Try black and white clicks as well, they're a perfect retro look.    

The interiors...    

The beauty of this palace is even astonishing from inside it. The beautiful walls engraved with ancient charming designs and the pillars are all to be captured in an art-smart manner.    

Try the distant clicks as well, the late evening ones where just the sketchy view of the mahal appears around you two.    

A place and a day spent here together would be a memory for life.  

Come visit Taj Mahal.    

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