The Regal Conveyance To Your Wedding

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Waao, finally the day to marry her has come. 

A long-awaited day when we'll be two hearts beating in harmony. 

Tomorrow onwards, she's all mine.  

Yes, sir, I got what you were feeling.   

One more thing I know is, you're thinking, what would be the conveyance to the palace of the princess...  

Choices are tough to make no. A dashing sexy vehicle to note your taste and reputation.  

So, what should it be?... A horse? A Mercedez sedan or a Lexus  limousine? Should it be more economical? A decent bi-seater with an open roof would work awesome?    

Uff... so much of confusion all around, the dresses aren't decided yet and now we're to decide the conveyance.  

Don't worry sir, we met for a reason, hold faith in your destiny.    

I tell you some points in my next story, and I'll help you make the choice.  

Told you, we met for a reason...  

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