The Romance In Belizian Air

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One Carribean coastal country with all the natural touch and  dense jungle to the west. It has been one amongst favorite travel destinations, specially travellers from neighboring countries because of its spectacular and enticing natural attractions.    

The love of nature is the best form of love. And the love around nature is something even profound. Just you, your spouse, the sea at its youth, and the breeze nestling.   

Belize has got something to offer for everyone, from deadliest of jungles and terrains to the serenest of coasts.   

It's a lowly dense country with a lot of cultures.  

The official language here is English, but most of the population is multilingual, with Spanish being the second most spoken language here.  

So, what do you wait for?...     

Pack your pants and the coastal wears, for, the days you spend here will be leaving all the everlasting memories.    

Here is why Belize...  

  •  Caye Caulker: A beautiful island, off the coast, ideal for snorkeling and diving, water is really tranquil blue.     
  • Placencia:  Placencia is a long, narrow and sandy peninsula, ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and fly-fishing.    
  • The Blue Hole: A world-famous diving site. It's also a rich habitat for a variety of marine life like nurse sharks, reef sharks, black tip sharks and even giant groupers    
  • Great Barrier Reef: Belize has a series of coral reefs straddling the coast, making it one of the largest barrier reefs in the world.  Hey water lovers, get ready, here we go for the very popular scuba diving and snorkeling.    
  • The Home-made chocolates: Yes, Belize has a large variety of home-made chocolates, you would love to taste them whether or not you're a chocolate lover.    

And don't forget, apart from all this aquatic attraction and the diverse marine and wildlife, you're there with your spouse. You can do a lot of romance everywhere.    

Contact us, we plan everything and you enjoy the tour...

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