The Romantic Tale At Belgium

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Congrats to both of you. Heard about your wedding, God bless you both.  

So, where have you planned to spend your most romantic days?    

Okay...You're confused yet... Where can it be? 

What do you look for, however?  All Natural? The lakes and the hills? The elegant city? A romantic history? A varied beautiful culture I  hear...    

Hey, what about Europe?...  

The rich culture, the tasty food, lots of beverages and all the romance you could possibly need.    

Hey, what about Belgium?    

Telling you, it's a European country, and it's worthy of two lovebirds like you.    

Lots of countries in the world, why Brussels?  Here's why...  

  • It's a moderately cold country, love and cold have something in common. Something ineffable and profound.    
  • Its fascinating historical architecture, from buildings to the roads and alleyways. It seems, particularly like a European elite class surrounding.  Again, Europe and romance are metaphors.
  • Grand Place is one beautiful 15th Century city hall, dotted around the square. Admiring six guild halls and their striking architecture. The square is worth visiting several times at different times of the day. On certain days there is a flower market in the square and visiting at night is recommended. 
  • Dresses are lady's love. The costume museum details of lace outfits were made as well as displaying many historical outfits.     
  • The Manneken Pis is a very comic spot for the tourists visiting here. This statue is thought to date back to the early 17th Century when it was designed by Jerome Duquesnoy.    
  • The beer tour at Belgium: The Belgian food and ice-creams have been known in the entirety of the world for its lavish taste.  And the Belgian beer is world famous for its unique taste.    
  • Enjoy the happening and entertaining nights in the pubs at Belgium. You being a romantic couple, spending nights in Belgian stars and sky and long appealing walk.    

There are several other natural ecstacies at Brussels, that you can explore on yourself when you're there.    

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