The Sacred Wedding At Jagannath Puri

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Hey! what about you being bound to your beloved on a sea beach.  

Okay, great, you love the wedding plans at Goa right. 

Now come on, Goa is too much of a rush and chaos for a serene event like that.   

Then? where?  Okay, one more...  

What about getting the blessings from a char-dham temple?  

Awesome, right... But...  

Okay, you liked the last one more...   

What if both the places come together. 

Yeah, I'm talking about a destination wedding at Jagannath-Puri.  

Jagannath Temple is one of the char-dham temples located on the sanctifying Puri beach.   

There are so many beach-side resorts which arrange beach-side weddings for you. Plus you can get married under blessings of the Lord Jagannath.   

Just imagine a wedding under the open stars and the waves turning the love in the air as the cold breeze.  

What more? At Odisha, you'll have to take a long vacation before and even after the wedding date itself, for, there are so very many places at Odisha. 

First comes the mystical temple only. The temple is hiding some generations of absurdity and mystics. Exploring them would make you believe in supernatural powers.   

After that comes the famous Konark-Sun Temple. We've studied it in our history books, now that you will visit here not just to praise the excellent example of ancient architecture but also the world famous light and sound show. You would not like to miss this romantic and traditional show with your spouse.                                            The water at the Konark beach is fine blue, it's seriously clean.    

There are several other places to visit at Odisha itself, all nearby Puri, like the famous Chilika lake for a halt of seasonal migratory birds, and the only aquatic wildlife sanctuary especially famous for Olive Ridley sea turtles.  There are several other wildlife sanctuaries and national parks at Odisha.    

Now, comes the food....  

We're already hungry after so much of everything.

Since Puri lies beside the sea, it's a paradise for seafood lovers. 

Odisha also specializes in its sweets, particularly made of chena(like cheese). There are several dishes which are must try.  

Come visit Bhubaneswar, this city never halts for traffic and is nominated at the first Smart-city of India.    

The Odia culture and attire would blow your minds, too much of gold everywhere. Do the shopping for your wedding here.    

Overall, At Puri, it's gonna be an awesome seashore wedding with a very economical price and all the lots of blessings to start your new life with.  

Lord Jagannath welcomes you...    

Here at mubaraQho, we are eager to be a part of your celebration. 

Contact us, we take care of everything just like a family...

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