The Schedule And Timeline For A Christian Wedding

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Wedding timelines can be hectic and much of a chaos if you've not planned well. One more of an issue that you might miss some important stuff in the rush hours. And at the very moment, missing something which was to act as a cascade for the rest of an event can wreak havoc.   

This is why it's suggested to go for a wedding schedule and timeline for the day. It can save so much of a confusion and takes no time to prepare one.    

This is planned based on a wedding scheduled in the late evenings, which can be concluded with the feast till the midnight.  

Evening weddings are actually more romantic and spiritual as I feel, for, the sunset time of the ring exchange adds somewhat of a peculiar charm to the moment. Plus, all the guests are in a jolly mood. The conclusion and the feast if happens to be under the open sky then what possibly could be better than that.     

Check this piece of the schedule...

  • 1:00pm—Hair and makeup start
  • 4:30pm—Vendors arrive for setup
  • 4:30pm—Pre-ceremony photos
  • 5:30pm—Guests begin to arrive/Couple arrives
  • 6:30pm—Invite time
  • 6:45pm—Ceremony starts
  • 7:00pm—Ceremony ends/Guests move to the cocktail hour
  • 8:00pm—Guests move to dinner
  • 9:30pm—Cake cutting/Dessert served/Toasts
  • 9:45pm—Dancing
  • 11:45pm—End time/Guests out
  • 12:45am—Breakdown done/Vendors depart

Strictly clinging on to the schedule might not be possible, but at least it would keep you on track of a bit late or early and most importantly, you won't miss a thing.    

You can always add or remove things as per your conveniences and needs.

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