The Secondary Colors Of Love

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The definition of love could not make us clear what exactly this emotion is about. Some psychologists tried to classify and represent the love in the form of colors. Just the way, there are three primary colors and the rest are the evolution of these three.    

The secondary or the colors formed by fusing the primary ones are...    

1)Agape(Eros + Storge): Selfless, universal and unconditional love. When Agape love arises within a relationship, the couple is ready to face the most difficult obstacles. The relationship is based on an unbreakable commitment and the love is unconditional. Agape lovers see their partners as a blessing and will be willing to go distances for their partners.    

Agape love can also arise when you are passionate about something. For instance, charity work and helping strangers, love for nature and the love for religion or spirituality are this types of love.    

Traits of This kind of love are:   

– Can put needs of partner before own.  

– Highly devoted, but neither jealous nor obsessive.  

– Shows unselfish and altruistic behavior.   

 2)Mania(Eros + Ludus ): Mania is characterized by extreme highs and lows. A relationship you can compare to a roller coaster. In many ways, it can be stated to the opposite of Agape. Wanting to love in extremes and continuously looking for reassurance from their partners. They have the feeling of ‘needing’ their partner.    

Mania lovers can become obsessive, jealous and possessive or the complete opposite, extremely distant and reluctant.    

Traits of Mania lovers are:    

– The line becomes very thin between passionate and obsessive.  

– Expecting to get hurt and feeling anxious about falling in love.  

– Forces partner into showing how they feel towards them, forcing affection and emotion.  

– Quickly becomes overwhelmed when thinking of their partner, expecting the worse.  

– When the relationship ends, the lost love is all a person can think of.    

3)Pragma(Ludus + Storge): Pragma is the practical and compatible love, convenience over romance. Passion and emotion take a step back and logic takes over. Important needs and desires get the priority.    

To accomplish this, Pragma lovers look at the background of their potential partners. Education, financial capabilities, religious believes and social status all play a role.    

Traits associated with Pragma love are:    

– Have their preferable types of potential partners.  

– Work with ‘pro and con’ lists before making a move.  

– Every step is highly thought through.  

– Believe compatibility can lead to very happy lives.      

People from all the ages have been trying out different ways of classification or definition of love.   But, till date, or till the eternity, there will be no any particular definition of love. Countless poets and philosophers are engraved and yet the attempts are carried on.    

Don't try to define your love, just try to live your love, for love is the basis of entire creation and humanity.

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