The Shade Of Love-A Puri Honeymoon

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"You are calm, also vigorous and passionate,  

 Just the matter of the appropriate time, 

 You're kind, holding profound dark secrets, 

 And your secrets are hidden within mine"  


A honeymoon is the first time when you get to spend your all the time, just knowing the other. How your spouse feels, intimately and physically. The way he/she likes the bed drink. A morning star or a night sun. Everything you heard about them is instantiated this time.     

The nearer to nature and simplicity you are, the more you have in the conversations with you two. That's why most couples choose the different natural paradize.     

If you are a sea-shore lover, this story is exclusively for you...    

The best part of the sea is, it can take everything and keep nothing. Come to Puri, the blessed paradize of love and bliss.   

The Bliss...    

This place is so beautiful and the best part is its clean beach and crystal clear water. It offers a serene surrounding, distant from city chaos life. The couples sit the nights long, beachside and talk their love out.     

One of char-dham temples, Jagannath temple is within a kilometer walk from the beach. You have more reasons to go to this place but just spirituality, for, the temple is a supernatural wonder. It has some unanswered questions, denied by laws of physics and several others which can keep you spellbound.    

The costs...    

Even though it's a place so mesmerizing, the accommodation and living costs here are really cheap. A 10-day stay won't take any more than 15-20Ks, that too being spendthrift.    

The Touch Of Nature...    

Not in puri itself, but Puri is adjacent to some wildlife sanctuaries where you can take a jungle safari with your beloved.    

The Food...    

Of course, you'll be getting delicious seafood, it's but a seashore only. Try the sweets here, especially the chena sweets. They are an all-Odisha specialty.    


Come here and you'll return with some memories everlasting.  Welcome to Jagannath-Puri.  

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