The Unique customs of the Mizos

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   The land of the blue mountain is the name that is associated with the north eastern state of Mizoram. It is one of the newest states in India and is well known for its unique customs and cultural values. The people hailing from the state are called Mizos, and are distinctly marked for their exclusive sense of fashion apart from their skill in music.One of the most important traditions followed in a Mizo wedding is that a bride gives a Puandum to the groom which happens to be a traditional rug. This rug brought to him by his bride is wrapped around him at the time of burial. There are several types of Mizo weddings and these types differ as per the tribes that reside in Mizoram.

     Puanchei is a spectacular dress which is donned by the girls hailing from Mizoram. This dress is a trademark on joyous occasions such as weddings and various festivals celebrated by the Mizos. Puanchei has been a part and parcel of the Mizo culture for a long time. Earlier it was only made by hand but today machines are used for the same. The fabric used is cotton and it is usually coupled with a white blouse.There is no heavy jewellery involved in the wedding outfit of the bride as is seen in most Indian weddings. 

         The bride mostly opts for silver over gold since that goes best with a white wedding dress. The groom too does not accessorize much on his wedding day. Simple and elegant is the tone of a Mizo wedding with little or no accessory.

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