The Vidaai Ritual in Hindus

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The wedding days are loaded with a number of functions and rituals, where family and friends come together to wish the couple for their new life.     

The wedding is also a day where a number of emotions are tangled. On one hand, there is the joy of new knots being tied, on the other hand, there is a sweet sorrow of a daughter leaving her parent’s home. This moment is flooded with overwhelming emotions. This is known as the Vidaai ceremony in the Indian weddings.    

As their little, adorable daughter welcomes a new life of bliss, parents are filled with feelings of delight for her, and they bless her with all their heart and soul. Simultaneously, the pain of being separated from their child makes their eyes wet. The same emotions are witnessed by the bride as well, as she hugs her parents and touches the feet of the elderly relatives as a gesture of seeking their blessings for her new life.   

As the bride steps out of her parent’s home to be a part of her husband’s family, she pauses at the doorstep to throws a handful of coins and rice back over her head thrice. This denotes that as the manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi (the Hindu Goddess of prosperity and wealth), she wishes that her parent’s house always remains prosperous. Coins signify wealth, whereas rice is a symbol of health.  


Thence, she leaves with her husband to start the new married life...  

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