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"I was born to someday meet you, 

 just the way, the Moon meets the stars, 

 The only difference we hold from them is, 

 one day you'll come to me from very far, 

 Dressed like a princess, I'll await the dawn, 

 and my prince, I'll come with you, 

  for what mine is, all you are..."      

An old proverb says,"The clothes you put on, defines you".  It's very true, the clothes you wear can be used to guess what kind of mentality do you possess. 

 Well, if it's your wedding day, won't you crave on looking the best, rather definitive to your gonna be spouse and his/her family.  

Here are some of the Groom's dresses which would make you stand auspicious:   

1) Sherwani: A traditional north Indian sherwani is a hot attire into vogue these days. Sherwani comes along with a number of choices, of color, and the cloth materials with matching sherwani shoes.  

 However, the royal blue, silk color gives you a charm that you'll have to tolerate the glare and compliments.    

2)Plain cotton shirt with white dhoti striped with golden jari:  Despite all the simplicity, the southern dresses have its own definition of glory.   

Your attire would be even more decent if your bride wore a plain white silk saree with golden jari. 

3)Khadi silk shirt with white dhoti: This dress again represents an attire so natural and enticing that you'll be the center of attraction.  

This combination looks even beautiful with a plain white dupatta and a Khadaun(Traditional wooden slipper). A golden necklace will be complimenting your looks.    

4)Dhoti kurta: Simplicity has been the new fashion, for, history repeats itself and so does the fashion. A plain silk kurta with a churidar pajama is all you'll need to be a glory of your ceremony. Of course, you can put a scarf around the neck and a no-heel leather shoe.   

5)Designer Suit with a dhoti: Innovations are always evolutionary in any industry, likewise, a fusion of western and Indian culture brings an enticing dress.   

Imagine yourself wearing a maroon suit with trimmed maroon shirt and a necklace on top. For the bottom, we have a maroon-red dhoti with golden stripes, along with the light brown, no-heel oxford shoes.    

6)Sherwani with Doti and turban: Again, being a fusion of two dimensions of the country, this combination drives the ladies crazy.   

All you do need is a short silk sherwani, of your color choice, with a silk dhoti of complementing color, a pair of plain sherwani shoes and a turban. Turbans show the responsibility of a person, but its a vogue of traditional wedding attire.   

7)Bride in a long frock and groom in a plain suit: In this modern society, suits represent success. For groom, a plain light Grey suit, with a complementing creme color shirt, with a bow tied around the neck and Oxford shoes would make a decent appearance.   

 "In the world of Photogene, we always need to be ready to look the best. And what possibly should be more of a memorable day than our wedding itself. 

Afterall, the captures would be kept forever as the sweetest moments of our life"  

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