The Wedding Rituals In Hindus

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"A lifetime of awaiting of a person is all, 

 for lifetimes ahead, with whom we can fall, 

 beholding us, nestling, some moments we stall, 

 the mentor, the friend, or guardian we call,  

 For, a beloved, for living is we seek of all,..."  

Weddings are way more than the unification of two individuals who lived all their life afore without knowing, whom they'll be  spending the rest of their lives with. An occasion, once in a lifetime where two distinct souls are bound together,  for all this life and others to come. Not just two persons unify, but their families and friends vow to stand beside in merry and grief. A proverb says," Bonds are tied-up in heaven, all we do is find the better half of us on earth".   

The marriages, in Hindus, are once in a lifetime bond which lasts for seven lives(all the human lives).               Hence, the rituals and preparations start months ago the date. Another belief attested by modern science is matching of astrological birth charts(kundlis) which holds 36 characteristics of an individual. The more coherent the chart of two individuals, the better couple they form together. After this ritual, several others are lined up. The dates are finalized and so is the venue.

                               All the friends, families and relatives, gather at a place beautifully decorated and blessed with merriness.               

Some of the most renounced rituals are Mehandi, where Mehandi for the bride comes from the groom along gifts and sweets, and the bride along with ladies of the family put mehandi along with music and dance.              

 Another beautifying ritual is Haldi(turmeric), where both bride and groom are applied, a paste of haldi and sandalwood (both being natural cosmetics)in their faces.                 

On the day of the marriage:              

-The bride dresses in a red lehenga, and veils in a complementary dupatta. The groom on the other hand, dresses in a sherwani and comes riding his horse, to take with himself his queen. 

 - First, they perform Varmaala where both accept the other as their companions for life.   

-Then, comes the marriage with sanctifying mantras to bond the souls of the two for lives.   

- The last ritual, rather most important, is when the groom ties a Mangal Sutra(auspicious thread) and they are tied for eternity.   

- The bride and groom make seven rounds around the fire, vowing on it( A purifying element in Hindus) with seven pure promises which they're to keep for their enduring and peaceful marriage.                

 Along with this comes the blessings from all.    

Tell us what are your prospects ideas for your wedding, we'll make it come into reality .  

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